Tuesday, July 29, 2008


This year we talked our friends the Jones family into going on vacation with us. We always camp for a week and spend the week being lazy on the lake, playing in the water, water skiing, swimming, fishing.... It is always great family bonding time, and we look forward to it every year. Last year when we got back I was telling Mellisa about it and she agreed to go with us this year. I hope they liked it enough to come back! It was nice having friends for the kids to play with! All the kids loved playing with John on the canoe, and on the tubes behind the boat. He was always more wild on the tubes then anyone else and the kids loved it! Larry and I loved playing games with them at night after kids were all tucked in. There were so many pictures I wanted to post I thought I would make a little video of them instead. We loved getting to meet the new cousin baby Dwight! He is such a cutie and very loved!!! I enjoyed visiting with my sister in law's Brenda and Annette. We got to see Lance and his family some too and that is always nice! Their kids are great and I enjoy getting to know them each time we see them. On Thursday while we were there it was Pioneer day so we had a pioneer day celebration. There was yummy BBQ food, songs, and then we played some fun games. I had planned some 3 legged races, gunny sack (pillow cases) races, and Melissa brought water balloons. I had planned more games but the kids were dying to get to the balloons so we skipped ahead. They were a lot of fun though!!! The races were so cute and funny with the kids and just plain funny with the adults!!! Everyone was a good sport and played along. Larry took our oldest 3 fishing that evening and they each caught fish! They were all sooooo happy! Amelia caught 3 or 4. We aren't sure none of them really remember how many each of them caught but they came home with 10 and Ethan had caught on on his own from shore the day before. So there were 11 fish caught by the Davis kids!!! Hayden loved playing in the dirt, as well as many of the other kids!!! She could spend hours getting dirty or throwing rocks in the water. All the other kids were fish. Loved swimming and tubing! The oldest 5 kids in our group, Emmalee, Ethan, Jacob, Caleb, Brock all wanted to learn how to water ski. They all did really well! It was so exciting to watch them improve each time and get up for longer and longer! I was impressed with as brave as little kids are! I didn't learn to ski till I was 17 or 18! Our last day there we took the boat all the way to the end of the lake where the river is feeding in and on the way back Ethan wanted to ski again and got up for a really long time! Long enough I took a bunch of pictures and then caught some video that is below! We were so proud of him for not giving up! He was thrilled that he could do it too!!! It really was a wonderful week with only one morning of rain. The rest was HOT but wonderful swimming and boating weather so we didn't care! The food and the company was great! I will post the rest of the pictures in a video! Enjoy!


So Many M's said...

Looks like you guys had fun. Where do you camp at? fyi I am having problems seeing you pics on one true media and the first video says it's not working. maybe I will try later and see what happens. Glad you had fun.

Amanda said...

We go to Eastern Oregon to Lake Owyhee. We love it there the water is warm, the lake is huge and it isn't ever so crowded you can water ski on great water!!! It is my most favorite lake. It is worth the 8 hour drive once a year!!!

The Hawaiian Gards said...

Looks like so much fun. Wish we could of gone too!