Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Weekend report!

Brock loved the water!
Claire did not love the water!!!
Hayden is our little fish! She would spend the whole day in the water if we would let her!
Sorry Allison! I had to post it! She did a great job skiing! She went farther then I did! Next time we will get her up on one ski!
Amelia had a lot of fun in the water and on the boat!
Ok it has taken me a few days to do this post, but I was having problems with my pictures so I am finally getting around to it!
This weekend we went to Foster Lake with our Friends the Bevans! It was so much fun to water ski, tube, and keep cool in the killer heat! The kids all had a blast! It was funny because just as we got there I had a bad feeling something bad was going to happen. I couldn't shake the feeling. I didn't think we needed to leave or anything I just knew we needed to be careful. So We get in the boat and I was going to drive the boat so Larry could get a run in on our way over to the day use area to meet the Bevans. After just a few minutes of him skiing he wiped out in a way I haven't seen him do in a very long time!!! When I got back to him he told me his ski had broke. Those of you who know about skiing and boats know that this is not a quick or cheep fix! The main problem with this is the ski is only a year old!!!! So we had to get new boots to put on his ski before vacation! FUN!!! But worth it I guess so they don't brake while we are there and be stuck for a week with no ski! Once that was over the feeling went away, everyone had a fun and safe day after that! (other then the missing sunscreen and kick board!) But those are minor! We didn't even have major sunburns! I on the other had could hardly move for the next two days due to my first ski trip this season. I always find new muscles that I forgot I had. Maybe now I will be less sore when we go on vacation in a couple of weeks! Yeah right! It was a fun day though!

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Alli said...

What!!?? You didn't have any pictures where it didn't look like I was concentrating SOOOOO hard to stay up? :)