Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The "new Hopscotch"

This morning Larry and I woke up to some sadness. During the night a Raccoon (or at least we are assuming a Raccoon since it doesn't look like a dog did it!) had gotten to our sweet Hopscotch. Marshmallow was able to hide. Larry buried her before the kids could see the trauma of it all. I had to tell the children. Of course our 3 older kids were in tears! We promised to buy them a new one as soon as I could get a hold of this wonderful family we bought the first two from. So by noon we had our as Brock calls her our "new Hopscotch" She is just as sweet and gets a long fine with everyone!


Julia said...

I am soooooo sorry! I hate to admit it but we had a close call with Max with our dog. The rabbits were in their little exercise pen and I turned my back for a minute and Cooter (the dog) hopped in a snatched up Max. The rabbit is fine but the dog thought he scored himself a litte scooby snack. I am soooooo sorry to hear that...darn! Boo Hoo!

Amanda said...

Suprising to me our kids cried but were just fine once we got "New Hopscotch" It is amazing how resilient kids are. If they had found the dead bunny things would be different I am sure!

So Many M's said...

Sorry for your loss, it's great that you were able to fund a new one so quickly. What nice parents.