Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Worth the wait!

Larry brought home this plant start the year we bought the house (3 years ago). He said "OH it has these beautiful blooms!" For 3 years I have seen this viney thing mix in with my Jasmine, that I totally love because of the smell and the beautiful tiny blooms that are out all summer! But I kept thinking maybe this thing is just a weed that is getting bigger... What has he brought home! But after 3 years of waiting we noticed 100's of these little pods on the plant. They are just starting to bloom and this is what we get! They are soooo pretty. They don't smell but they are mixed with the Jasmine and they don't need to smell. When the Jasmine is in full bloom we get the smell to fill the living room every time the door opens. I might have to put another picture tomorrow. I took this one after the sun when down so I think the flash is drowning out the color. So I will put more photos later! The moral to the story is I am glad we didn't pull it out after it didn't bloom the second year! It really is beautiful, and worth the wait!

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