Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Last year during the summer we had dinner at a friends house and she made the yummiest pork I have had! I told her then I wanted the recipe and meant it but hadn't gotten around to getting it. But as with most pregnancies I think most of us start to fixate on a food and want that food and only that food will do! Well this is the food I have been fixating on for over a week. I have wanted it like crazy!!!! So finally Monday morning before I headed out to do our bi- monthly shopping trip I call my friend Jessica to get her recipe. Good thing I did because half of it is stuff I don't have on hand all the time. I made it today (it takes all day). I have been smelling it cook all day in my crock pot just short of drooling I couldn't wait for dinner. I was sooooo happy when I took my first bite and it was just as wonderful as I remembered it!!! OOOOOOHHH I am sooo glad it makes so much so I can eat it for lunch for a few days. Usually I send left overs with Larry, and I almost never eat left overs this will be the exception! He will be lucky to get any more after tonight! I just might hog it all!! YUM!!! I thought I would share the recipe just in case I am making you drool too!
Jessica's shredded pork
4-5 lbs of Pork roast
put in crock pot in the morning 1/2 covered with water
cook for 1/2 the day (around lunch time)
drain the water and add
12 oz bottle of taco sauce
1 cup brown sugar
1 TBSP ground cumin
20 oz Coke
Cook the rest of the day
About 2 hours before serving remove the lid to cook out the juices so that it isn't too runny when you serve it!
Serve with rice and beans
We like black beans I just warmed them a little bit and the rice I cooked a little "fancier" I sauteed the rice with some garlic and cilantro and then cooked regular with just a little lime juice in the water!!!
Oh and this is not complete with out the sauce!!!
2 tomatillos
1/2 jalapeno
(Larry said I could have used the whole thing but I didn't want to scare the kids!)
Blend till smooth
Serve on tortilla
Enjoy till you feel like you are going to explode! Well at least I did!!!
p.s. I didn't even own a blender but wanted this so bad I had Larry buy me one! It was worth every penny!
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The Gatherums said...

Hey, where is my sample? Your blog should be like costco. Post it and then run around giving out samples. It looks good, but the sauce intimidates me a bit. Are the tomatillos cooked or uncooked?

The Hawaiian Gards said...

Looks yummmmmmmmmmmmy!

Amanda said...

Costco gives samples if you go to them. If you come here I will gladly give you a sample. The whole dish was super easy!

The Ditto clan said...

I just discovered this recipe too. Here's the version I use, it seems to have a few more ingredients, but you could check it out.
it one of my favorites too!