Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Sound of Music

I have been wanting to get Ethan started on some piano lessons but first we needed to get something for him to practice on. I started by looking for a key board thinking it would be easier, cheaper and take less space... well It wasn't going to be cheaper. I found this piano on Craig's list for $50! I was so excited. It plays great and isn't too ugly! So this morning Larry, the kids and I drove out to Aumsville and picked it up. The kids were all so excited to play with it all day. I am looking forward to years of it playing beautiful music! I ordered some piano books from Amazon so when they get here we will get him going with some lessons and soon enough Brock will follow. He wants to start right now too but I think I need to let Ethan get a head start. I promised Amelia she could start as soon as she learned to read. So probably by the end of the school year (next year) she will start up too.

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