Tuesday, June 9, 2009

In Full Bloom!

Joseph's Coat
Sterling Silver
Tree rose
I love spring time when all my bulbs are blooming in my yard. But as soon as as they are all gone something else wonderful comes out of hiding. My beautiful roses. Larry does a wonderful job at fertilizing, and pruning them. I love to smell them. We always have lots of people tell us how beautiful our yard is because of them. But Larry really does all the work. I use to do a lot of it but the more children we have the less yard work I end up doing... Someday I will enjoy working in the yard again. Till then I just enjoy looking at it. I also have to give some credit to a sweet friend of ours that moved to Alaska. She gave us a Joseph's coat. Which is a rose I had wanted for a long time because I love the colors of them. She had one in a pot and gave it to me when they moved. It was around 2 or 3 feet tall when she gave it to us 3 years ago. Larry pruned it back to under 4 feet in Feb. It is now at least 8 feet tall and covered with the beautiful variegated yellow, orange, red rose. They are so vibrant and the colors change as the bloom and I just love them!!! Thanks Julie!

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I love the new pictures. We are coming to OR this weekend for a month. Will you guys be around at all? Maybe we could take the kids to the park, pool or anything else your kids like to do if you have a little free time.