Monday, June 1, 2009

Last week updates

Last week was extremely busy! We went from one thing to the other and unfortunately because of my pregnancy brain I was double booked a few times and missed a few things I was suppose to do also... I guess I will have to get better at using my planner! Anyway Monday was our yard work, BBQ day, Tuesday Amelia had Gymnastics. She only has one week left. She has loved it and I am amazed at all the things she can do and do well. I love watching her on the balance beam.

Later that night Larry and I were going through a bunch of stuff to take over to our friends garage sale and I saw a raccoon run across the street right towards us. I told Larry and he went to look and it ended up climbing onto our roof. I know you can't see it very well in this picture but it was the best I could do. Larry ended up chasing him off the roof because he was trying to break in through our roof vents. We really don't need a Raccoon living in our attic!!!

Ethan had another game Wed, which was great but I missed a Cub Committee meeting I was suppose to be at at the same time (one of my many double booking). Then Thursday Amelia had gymnastics again and we missed a little get together things for Brock and all the Mentors at school that come work with the kids who need a little extra help with reading, math... what ever their need. Brock's happens to be a reading buddy. But the school counselor had told me his mentor wouldn't be there because she was out of town. Then Thursday night I was babysitting the little boys I watch and Ethan had a Pack meeting (more double booking) I would have had Larry take him but he was working late that night so he ended up going with another family in our ward. Sorry bud I missed it! But Such is life for right now. Anyway Friday Ethan had another Baseball game. (They won! and Ethan hit 2 times!!! DQ is making big bucks off my kid this year!) Oh and this was after a day of taking stuff my my friends garage sale, watching her little boy so she could run the garage sale, and having 3 of my other boys I watch on Fridays! It was a boy crazy day!!! But it was perfect weather for it. They rode bikes, and swam all day long!!! Lots of fun! Oh and we went to the school because Brock got Student of the month again and we went to see him get this award. I was so proud of him! I failed to get pictures because I had one of my extra kids with me and he is a busy kid so I never had a minute to get a few shots. Plus I showed up just in time for them to call his name so I wasn't even ready! But Yeah Brock! Saturday was filled with our Primary activity (which I forgot to make my treats for until that morning so I whipped out some no bake cookies at 8:30 am to take. My mom has also arranged to do my Grandpa (her dad's) temple work. So due to the timing of the schedule Larry and I were able to stay at the activity long enough to watch all the kids perform but needed to leave as soon as that part was over and leave clean up to everyone else. Thanks to all who helped. We made it to the temple and were able to spend the afternoon with my parents, and 2 brothers in the temple. It was a wonderful afternoon!!! We also got to have "lunch/dinner" together when we were all done. We headed home and picked up our kids from our wonderful sweet amazing friends who are moving away next week!!! Oh and while we were gone all day Ethan had 2 baseball games! (more of the doubling up on schedules! ) Luckily there were great mom's willing to get him to his games and keep him in between! What would we do with out great friends?! Anyway it has been a very busy week and I am ready to have a "quieter" week this week. Oh and all of this was on top of having my 2 little boys that I watch about 5-5.5 hours a day. (Good thing they are such sweet and easy boys!) Oh and my ultrasound was thrown in there on Thursday along with a hair color and cut before I went to my ultrasound! I was way over due! But since I have pregnancy skin I am unwilling to post any pictures of myself with the new color (the cut isn't different just a trim). This week should be "quieter" as in Ethan has one game (HIS LAST!) and Amelia has her last 2 days of gymnastics. No other major extra things other then a relaxing dinner with friends who are moving away, and my follow up appointment with my Dr to get all the results from the ultrasound and check everything out. I haven't been for over 6 weeks so I guess it is time. (I spaced them out with this one so that I don't feel like I am there ALL the time. I think it will help the pregnancy go faster too! Look we are already over half way there and I have been in 2 times, plus the ultrasound!) Yeah! Anyway it was a busy week with a very busy Sunday to wrap things up. Sunday we had church (normal) but it was one of those kind of crazy Sunday's in primary. (Which still beats any day in Relief Society for me but I won't go into that.) Then we came home, fixed dinner, (while Larry was Home teaching) ate dinner, our Home teacher came over I left before he did to go to our Primary Teacher improvement meeting, which I taught half of. And then home just in time for 1/2 hour of family time and bed time! WHEW! Part of me felt overwhelmed and exhausted by the end of this, today as I have already mopped the floor, only have one load of laundry left in the house (this included my sheets!) and a few other house hold things including paying bills I am feeling like I can conquer anything! Look at all I have done in a week and with 1/2 my day! Plus I am blogging it all! So at the risk of jinxing myself I am going to say "Yeah me! I can do anything... with lots of help anyway!:)" Here is to being busy, staying busy and hopefully taking a nap!


Alli said...

Stressed me out reading all that!

Mo said...

And so what do you do with all of your "spare" time?