Monday, June 15, 2009

The Name Game

Larry and I are trying to get a little more serious about coming up with names for this little one on the way. Since we are not finding out what this bundle of joy is we have double duty of coming up with both boy and girl names. We probably will go in with a few of each that we like and choose when baby is born. But I thought it might be fun to do a little poll to see what other people think of what we have come up with so far. I will list the names here and then put something for you to vote on on the side. Our middle names are Ben or Curtis for a boy and Donna or Amy for a girl. (They will depend on which first name we finally choose) If you want to leave comments on the names feel free. But understand that we will do the final choosing (mom!) This isn't a democracy, highest votes don't win, and this is a non scientific pole. But we would love a little help. Thanks! Oh and if you have write in votes you can leave them as comments.
So far for boys we have come up with Steel (Larry think my dad will like this one) Carter, Grant, Calvin, Porter, Sawyer or Carson. For girls we have come up with Naomi, Esther, Lily, Sage, and Ruth

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So Many M's said...

I totally just voted for Steel. I remember Sam saying he wanted to name a kid Steel and I just laughed at him. The otherd boy names are hard to decide. Do you want one that everyone is named? We have so many Porters, and Carters. My sis just named hers Grant, but you don't here that one that often. I think Carson is cute too. I like Sawyer, but people may say he was named after the guy on Lost. I voted for Lilly, I really like Sage too though. I've had a couple of friends just name their Sage though. Good luck