Saturday, June 20, 2009

Weekend Camping trip

Larry and I decided to take the kids camping this Friday night and hopefully get a ski trip in for Larry and Ethan. Friday night we built a fire and Larry cooked us some yummy hobo dinners.

This is Brock waiting for dinner by the fire. Which is a rare shot because most of his time was spent whacking weeds with a stick!
Here is our master chief cooking dinner!
I got Hayden to show me how old she is for the camera. I taught her to do "two" like she is doing a gun with her fingers. It is really cute! We also learned that Hayden is really affraid of fire. Our first kid who isn't dying to throw stuff in their. It is nice to have one be a little more cautious!
Amelia waited for dinner by collecting bee bees from around camp.
The next morning it was raining and we were killing some time after breakfast to see if it would let up so we could head out on to the lake. While killing time I convinced the boys to let me do funny things to their hair since we didn't bring any games to play.
Brock had a little fun with it
Ethan willingly let me do it but didn't want to act like it thought it was funny!

The only way Larry could get them to smile for the camera was to talk about "gas" and not the kind that is fuel. They smiled enough to get a few shots that didn't look like I had tortured them. They only agreed to let me post these pictures because I told them that my oldest brother has a picture taken like this only he was probably 13 or so when my Aunt and I did this to his hair. It is a really funny picture. I am suppose to post it with this but I can't find it so I will look for it and maybe get my mom to send it to me so that I can post it with these.

Ethan got to ski first and he popped right up just like he skied yesterday! I was so proud of him he did such a great job and skied for a really long way! I am guessing he will be on one ski by the end of this summer!


The Hawaiian Gards said...

looks like so much fun!

Annette said...

OH MY GOSH! The boys look so grown up. Wow.

Prissy & Hero said...

You are a brave woman to go camping with young kids and be pregnant! I don't know if I have the patience!!!