Saturday, June 13, 2009

Strawberry Heaven!

So this morning I asked Larry if he was going to take the kids to pick strawberries for me so we could make some jam. I told him I didn't need a lot since I had done so much last year... Mental note and duh to me since I already know this about my husband.... Tell him to get half the amount you really want! I told him 2 flats is more then enough. I knew he was picking them so we don't have flats I just sent him with bowls and he wanted buckets for picking into also. I said the 2 bowls full would be plenty (they are giant metal bowls I use for canning). He came home with the two bowls heaping full and 3 buckets full. We made a few calls to see if anyone else wanted some because that was waaaay more then we needed. Luckily we have good friends who were willing to share our "burden" So what do you do when you add.....
1 wonderfully helpful husband
17 boxes of Pectin
34 TBSP of lemon juice

Lots and lots of strawberries!

About 34 cups of sugar
You get about 50 plus pints of the yummiest strawberry jam! Oh you will also need a few hours to mix these all together. But since I have such an amazing husband it took me half as long or less then it would have to do this by my self! He really is the most amazing canning partner I could ask for! Even if he does over do it when it comes to buying the fruit EVERY TIME! You would think that going with him would stop this event but it doesn't he even did it with peaches once while I was standing there telling him to STOP PICKING! Gotta love this man!!! At least he helps me take care of it all. We also froze several gallons whole so that we can use them for waffles latter on, or for strawberry lemon aid. There are several quarts frozen for later also for mixed berry jam. But now my feet hurt so it is time for my wonderful husband to rub them with lotion and paint my toe nails since I can't reach them anymore anyway! Oh and this evening when Amelia told my I should paint my toe nails again (they are pretty chipped and I was painting hers) I told her I couldn't reach them any more and she very sweetly said. "oh yeah cause your getting so fat." Thanks!
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Annette said...

You guys are amazing!!!!!

I wish we lived closer, then maybe I would can better....

The Hawaiian Gards said...

I want some!!!! Hey... just bring it on over here!

Rachel said...

Holy Mac!!! That's a whole lotta jam! It looks yuumy!! Way to go!


RunJoRun said...

Still enjoying the bounty of your grandma-by-marriage's freezer! SOunds like you had a good time jammin' together. Luv ya!