Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Last Baseball game!

I know you are probably all sick of hearing about baseball!!! Well it is finally over! Last night was Ethan's last game of the season! His coach let them mix it up a bunch for their last game and let them try new positions. Ethan got to play 3rd base for one inning and did a great job. One hit came right to him he caught it and threw it right to first base. I was so proud of him! He did get another hit and was very excited. All my kids were dead set on going to DQ since Ethan got a hit but DQ has bleed me dry for this months budget already so sorry Ethan not tonight! Even though the boys got to play positions they were not use to they still won. Not only did they win but they creamed them! 3 innings were called over because they scored 5 (here if they score 5 or get 3 outs the inning is over.) So the game ended 18 to 3! Go Reds!

Ethan throwing to first from 3rd
Catching the grounder at third!
Up to bat. He hit once, walked once, and struck out once.
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Julia Shinkle said...

Amanda, I got Avery's skirt at Gymboree...I want one in my size, I love A-line skirts. I was up in Washington square with my mom and the kids and they were remodeling the store and had a bunch of stuff on sale...I think the skirt was about $14. We normally don't shop there but when I have reinforcements (my mom) I can handle it.

Just let me know when you want to do a Maternity session. I would be willing to do a maternity/new born session. We could do some fun shots of you while you are pregnant and then some fun new born ones when the baby comes and I would consider it one session.

The Hawaiian Gards said...

good pictures!!