Monday, March 9, 2009

Ethan's 9th Birthday

In honor of Ethan learning how to ski for his birthday I made him this fun little cake. I did it as a surprise. Normally my kids help plan the whole thing and have an idea of what they want for months ahead of time. But this time I asked him if I could do something as a surprise. He loved it so it was lots of fun!
Ethan really likes the Magic Tree House series of books so he got a whole bunch for his birthday! He was really excited about them all. Although my mom also got him a book of cool things you can build with Legos and he spent more time with that book than anything. He is pretty excited to try all of the cool stuff in there!
Legos are Ethan's other favorite thing in the whole world! So he got lots of them for his birthday. He was pretty happy with them all! I asked him if he had a good birthday at bed time and he said it was the best!

Winding up for the big huff and puff!
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The Hawaiian Gards said...

Happy Birthday! Great cake I love it. He is so cute as a baby too.

Kim said...

Happy Birthday Ethan. I see the Magic Treehouse books he got for his birthday. Those are some of our favorite books around here. Cute cake. Hope you are all doing well.

Kim said...
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Gordons said...

Majic Tree House books rocks. Elli loves to read them too. You look like you had an amazing birthday. Was the cake good? Since your Mom made it I am sure it was. She is such a GREAT mom! Happy Birthday.

Mo said...

Cute cake! I had hoped the Lego's book would be a hit. Happy Birthdy buddy!