Thursday, March 26, 2009

Spring break

Today was our first day of spring break that it isn't raining. So we thought we would seize the moment and get the sidewalk chalk out! My kids love to be creative so I knew this would keep them busy till they ran out of side walk!

Hayden loved to just color what ever. She started by just doodling and made a very cute pile of colors. But then when she started trying to color everyone's pictures I drew her a little butterfly to color! She actually does a very good job for a 2 year old!!! (Notice the boots that are more then 4 sizes to big she just loves her sisters boots!)
Amelia drew and colored a picture of herself!

I drew a rainbow (the one on top) Ethan loved it so much he had to make one too!

As many of you know Brock is obsessed with dinosaurs! I drew him a long neck that went clear across the street. They all went to work coloring him and Brock added the spikes to his back!
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Kim said...

Looks like you guys are having a little bit better weather then us. I need to invest in a good ol bucket of sidewalk chalk our bucket from last year is empty. I love how such a little thing like chalk can keep them busy for a while.

Prissy & Hero said...

Congrats on the newest little member!'re amazing!

The Hawaiian Gards said...

Wow- that is some intense work done with side walk chalk. Good job guys!