Saturday, March 28, 2009

Spring Photo Shoot

A few weeks ago my friend Julia came to take pictures of my kids for me. I have been watching how amazing she does with her kids and asked if she would "practice" on my kids. (She clearly already knows what she is doing so it wasn't much practice!) My kids were a little "shy" at first but they quickly started having fun and she took so many amazing pictures I had a hard time choosing what to blow up to put on my wall! I know I will have a hard time scrap booking them too because I will want to do 2 or 3 layouts of each kid! I really loved all the pictures and am so excited to pick up my prints on Monday! I love to have my kids pictures taken this time of year because it is right in the middle of all the birthday's and we can get them all some what close to birthday's and hit that year mile stone for them.

Her is Brock. She took some great ones of him with his dinosaurs too! I know the sweatshirt is NOT dressy the way I normally would dress my kids for nice pictures but this is his most favorite thing in the world, wears it all the time, and it is just so him that I gave in. This is Brock at Almost 7.
This is my sweet 2 year old who is soooo very 2! I love this shirt on her because of her beautiful blue eyes! She really loved Julia and was fascinated with what she was doing! It was really very cute.
Poor Ethan was last and had had a very busy day between Primary activity, and baseball tryouts just to walk in the door and be thrown a shirt and told it is his turn for pictures! He was such a good sport and I love all the pictures she took of him. She took a few with him and one of his lego projects. He turned 9 a few weeks ago and seems to just be getting so big all of a sudden!

Amelia got to go first and she didn't seem sure as to what we were doing taking pictures in our kitchen. But she did a great job, smiled nice, and there were so many pretty pictures of her! I struggle with the fact that she has decided since her 5th birthday that she longer wants to have bangs! She has had bangs since she was about 1 and I cut them since that is where they were going anyway... But the last month her two she has fought me about them , she hates them touching her face (even trimming them she hates them touching her head) and she hates me to curl them and make them look pretty! So I gave in and am letting her grow them out! It still surprises me to see her with no bangs! She is a pretty, and sweet girl bangs or no bangs! Thanks Julia for all your time you did a fabulous job!!!!
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Kim said...

She did do a good job. It'f fun to see how your kiddos are growing up.

Kim said...
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Kim said...

Okay so I totally just read your post that is down a little ways and oh my goodness can I say Congratualtions, Wow. I hope it all goes well.

The Hawaiian Gards said...

They look beautiful!!! She did a great job. Hayden ... SO CUTE! BUt they are even cuter in person. So fun to see you last night!

Julia Shinkle said...

Thanks Amanda for asking me to do this! It was so fun to play with your kids.

Amelia is just a cutie and how nice of you to honor her request about her hair. If it was up to me I would cut Avery's hair differently too.

Hayden just melted my heart. She is so unconditional and just cute as a button.

I am so glad that you put Brock in that sweatshirt. It is so him! I think it is good to get pictures of kids as they are and that sweatshirt was perfect. We can do matching outfits and fancier duds another time! : )

Ethan was a champ, he had a long day that day. I would have been tired too! You can tell his is such a good big brother and so creative with the legos.

Seriously, Amanda your kids are so cute, I just felt like we were having a play date. It was so fun! Have fun scrapbooking!