Saturday, March 14, 2009

Primary Activity Cont...

Here is Nephi playing a game with the kids that helps teach them the importance of being obedient. (It was a lot like Chutes and Ladders.)
Abraham and Sarah taught about the importance of having a family, and how happy they were to have Isaac when he was born!

Here is Sarah showing the children the kind of lamp she had to light their home (they had lots of fun things to show the kids!)

This is "President Hinckely" teaching the children about how grateful we are to have families, and how important it is to follow the prophet.
The activity went well. I was really happy with the wonderful job all of our helpers did! I know they put a lot of time in and we are so thankful to them. I hope that the families use and enjoy their FHE packets. They were a lot of work but so much fun putting together. Every minute is worth it if the families use them and enjoy them!!! I know our house will be spending the next 6 weeks studying the Proclamation!!!
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The Gatherums said...

What a fun activity. Thanks for the Great FHE packets. I think Miss Gail wants to be in charge for a while of the lesson.

The Hawaiian Gards said...

Very cool Amanda! Good job primary president!

Mo said...

That looks awesome! You have good ward members who go the extra mile.

amcnamee said...

I heard you are pregnant again. Congratulations. When are you due?