Monday, March 2, 2009

Super Saturday!

Saturday the two wards here combined for a "Super Saturday." This is where the women get together and do crafts, learn a new skill. I usually go for the crafts that include paint, or paper because I am not a big sewer. Mostly because I am not a perfectionist and it shows in my sewing and then I am always disappointed with my work. Anyway this time a sister was teaching how to make these super cute skirts with no pattern! Just measure your little girl do a little math and sew away! I thought this was a skill I needed so I signed up bought some fabric that Amelia loved and went to work. It took me the whole day (9-2:30) to get Amelia's done! I was so excited about it that I had 45 minutes till I needed to get ready to leave to the temple when I got home I did the stitching that had to be done before I could gather before I left and then did the gathering in the car while Larry drove. We got home by 9:00 pm so I stitched the rest together that night so the girls could wear them to church! They loved them!!! It was so much fun I am sure I will do it again! (Maybe a little more carefully next time with Hayden's) Just don't look to closely! Anyway I have enough fabric left I want to make one for my niece that is in between my girls in age and if I can get more one for my niece that will turn 10 next month! Then when I go visit them in Prineville they can all wear them to church and it would be so cute! Anyway it was fun and I thought I would share my finished product!

Girls playing peek a boo during the photo shoot!
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The Gatherums said...

too cute. You did a great job.

Mo said...

See... you CAN sew! Very cute!

The Hawaiian Gards said...

So cute! Good job Amanda. I want to know how to do that!