Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Ethan got this toy shark a few years ago in his stocking for Christmas. It is usually up stairs in the boys bathroom. Last night Ethan brought it down to have a bath in our tub. The result was pretty funny. This morning it was in the tub and I started the water for the girls. Hayden was pretty concerned that it was in there. I took it out and tried to give it to her and she wouldn't even touch it! I tried putting it back in the tub next to her and she kind of freaked out (mean mom!) It cracked me up that a fake plastic shark with half it's jaw missing would scare her so much!
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Kim said...

What the girls afraid of a measley shark? Can't say I blame her I don't think I would want to bathe with that either. I heard you talked to Julia about photos. Hope it goes well she will do an awesome job. Hope you are doing good.