Saturday, March 14, 2009

Primary Quarterly Activity!

This years Primary theme is "My Eternal Family." I have been really excited about it and having lots of fun coming up with ideas of things to do with it. I got an idea clear back in November on an idea of a quarterly activity and I kind of morphed it into what I really wanted to do to introduce the theme in a fun way for the kids. We had our activity today and this is what we did.
We started out in the primary room where I talked for just a few minutes about what a Proclamation was. That we have one today and how it tells us all the things that we know are important about families. We gave each family a big manila envelope and sent them to stations together. At each station they received a puzzle piece to their Proclamation to the World on the Family, and a FHE kit that taught all about that theme, or sub topic in the Proclamation. So they could take home 6 packets to teach their families all about families, and the proclamation. We had some amazing people from our ward go all out and play prophets for us! It was really wonderful!!!!

Station #1 They met Adam and Eve and learned about the Creation!
In this station they met Alma. He taught them about being bound with cords and how he broke them. But how families need to be so strong they can't be broken. He taught them about the 7 parts of a successful family that are in the proclamation.
Joseph Smith taught the kids all about the plan of salvation, and the importance of temple marriage.

Nephi taught the kids about what it means to be obedient to your parents and how that strengthens your family.
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Alli said...

That sounds like it was pretty amazing! Good job, Pres.