Thursday, March 5, 2009

10 years ago!

This morning I was packing some stuff in my scrapbooking closet to get ready to go on a scrap weekend with friends and I found this old package of pictures! The date stamp for the first ones are all for 10 years ago TODAY! It just so happens that 10 years ago today was my bridal shower with my collage friends. It was held in Larry and I's to be apartment. I love these pictures because Leti cracks me up! The first one is me playing that old game where they ask the groom questions and I have to match them, every time you get one wrong you put a piece of gum in your mouth! This is the kicker! Laura didn't buy just soft bubbalisious or something she bought gum that had that awful sucker candy coating! So I had to crunch through the sucker to get to the gum part!!! (Meanie!) I drooled a lot! Plus they didn't ask Larry the questions they asked Larry's mom the questions.... so you know how that would go. I was chewing a lot of gum!!!

I love this picture of me opening presents. I wish I knew what I had opened and why it was soooo funny to Leti!!!

This is a few days later I was fitted for my wedding dress (I was only fitted one time!) The woman did an amazing job!!! Man was I skinny then... Oh to be 10 years younger and 25 lbs lighter!
Oh and for those of you who might remember or those who don't, that night is also the 10 year anniversary of Larry cutting the end of his finger off. We were suppose to go to a dance after my bridal shower. I think he just didn't want to go. The next morning I went to the temple for my endowments.... Larry was hurting pretty bad poor guy! At least he was all better 2 weeks later for the honeymoon!!!!
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Kim said...

Okay I am totally laughing at the top pictures, not in a mean way,but in a wow what were we thinking back then. Congrats on 10 years, Jeff and I are also celebrating our ten year as well. Our anniversary is in August, but we have a get away planned in June. 10 Years has flown by.

The Hawaiian Gards said...

Wow! I love the old pictures! I'm so glad you put these up!

The Gatherums said...

Only ten years, what are you guys a bunch of newly weds?

Glad you found those pictures. Thanks for sharing.