Thursday, March 5, 2009

Ethan's skiing lessons

Ethan is turning 9 on Sunday and we told him he could go get ski lessons if he wanted instead of having a birthday party this year. He was really excited to go. Grandma and Grandpa Davis bought him some goggles and thermals so he would be all decked out. Good thing too because the conditions were so blustery he wouldn't have been able to see with out them!
Dad says he did a great job and they had time to go down several runs after the lessons together. Now Daddy will have a ski partner for year to come! (Since I haven't skied since the 6th grade and who would watch all the kids if I went?) Maybe in a few years Brock will join the crew, then Amelia, then Hayden and eventually I might get in the swing of it and it could be a family event! Well see about that! Ethan is hooked though!
On their way out of town they picked up some lunch at Safeway. I had bought them some snacks too take along too. So they hate a nice hearty lunch and hit the slopes a little longer!
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The Gatherums said...

What fun Ethan. You are a brave boy. I haven't gone skiing since high school and well not plans to go soon either. But I really did enjoy it. It is something I would do again. I just would have to muster the courage to endure the drive and cold.

The Hawaiian Gards said...

Good job!If were ever there in the winter will have to let all the boys go skiing together!