Sunday, December 14, 2008

Gingerbread House!

Here is the end product!
(We are going backwards with this one!)

Every year we make a gingerbread house together. When I say we, I mean Larry builds it, the kids help him decorate it, and I take the pictures! This is always a lot of "fun" I say "fun" I mean it is fun but it is always a little crazy trying to let all 4 of them have a turn putting stuff on. Taking turns and waiting can be hard. But it was pretty good this year. Because the older 3 are old enough to get to decorate the tree, or the gingerbread men by themselves while waiting for a turn with the house! So it went better this year then we have had in the past! You can't tell from the picture but Larry always hot glues the house together. This moves things a long a little faster. Then we just frost over the top so you can't see. Then everything else gets put on with frosting. So you can eat the candy just don't eat the edges of the house!
Hayden was really excited about all the candy! She really liked sticking the stuff on the house too! She really liked me taking pictures too! She kept saying EEEESSS! (which is cheese in 2 year old!)
Here is a shot of her putting her decorations on. She needed very little help. We just showed her what to do and away she went!
Here is Ethan decorating the tree for the gingerbread house! He did a great job all by himself!
Amelia was a perfectionist and had a lot of fun doing her gingerbread girl. (You know how you know it is a girl? She has eye lashes! That is her big thing now! She has to have eye lashes!)


Prissy & Hero said...

Holy Cow! That is one impressive ginger bread house!

Mo said...

The gingerbread house is great... but I'm more impressed with the amount of patience it must take to complete it. I guess my memories of those days are fading.

The Hawaiian Gards said...

TOo fun! Cute snow pictures! We just have a little snow but It's -4! I'd rather have snow!

Alli said...

It turned out great! Those kits are lifesavers, huh?

Julia said...

We did some of the gingerbread houses today. Something to keep them busy for awhile.

Can you e-mail me the CBR sheild. That sounded so cool! I might be calling you to pick your brain about some other stuff too!
Thanks a million.