Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Keeping busy!

Since it looks like my kids may end up with a 3 week Christmas vacation (because of the weather school has been canceled most of this week we will see about Thursday and Friday!) Anyway I am trying to keep them very busy so we can enjoy this Christmas season instead of making me go BONKERS! We made roll out cookies this morning and Hayden just wanted to play with the dough so I though I would make them some home made play dough to keep them busy! Brock is the only one with "official" play dough toys so I was telling them that when I was a little girl we just used my mom's cookie cutters, rolling pin, or anything else that looked like fun in the utensil drawer. So we dug out a bunch of things that they thought looked like fun! It was a hit!!! They have played for hours! Literally hours! Hayden only stopped because I made her take a nap! But I am sure she will be right back at it when she wakes up!!! Some of our favorite make shift toys are; the rolling pin, my meat tenderizer, egg slicer, cookie cutters, pizza cutter, apple slicer, funnel, and of course spatulas! So they are all having a wonderful time! Yeah!! Thanks mom for the great ideas (even if you gave them to me when I was 5!)
Hayden loooooves Play dough!
Brock's had to be orange (I didn't have enough yellow to make it very yellow so we added some red and got a great orange!!)
Amelia is putting her toy kitchen rolling pin to good use, while Ethan is testing out the egg slicer!

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