Sunday, December 7, 2008


After we sat on Santa's lap we had to go for a carosel ride. This was a high light for Hayden!!! She loved it! None of them wanted to stop riding but we have to cut it off after 3 rides since with 4 kids it adds up! But it was still a lot of fun and soooo worth it!
These Christmas horses are my personal favorite!
Ethan loved this bright one! The Little one Brock is on was called Larry the Circus pony!

Hayden on a pretty Christmas horse!
This is Amelia's favorite because it was a Unicorn!!!


So Many M's said...

I remember that carousel. Ya gotta love Santa's that kids like. Malia screamed this year, but everyone else did really well. Maybe next year. Do you have any fun Christmas break plans?

Alli said...

That looks so fun! Hayden is too cute for words, I just want to chew on her chubby cheeks! Claire informed me today that she plans on playing with Hayden tomorrow. She's taken to telling me her plans instead of waiting for me to tell her them. Way to take initiative!

The Gatherums said...

Looks like so much fun. Shaun wants to go there too and shoot picts of the kids.