Sunday, December 14, 2008

Let it Snow Let it snow Let it Snow!

The last few days the weather forecasters have been saying it was going to snow... They have been saying there is going to be an "arctic blast!!!" Larry and I don't have a whole lot of faith in weather men and have been joking about yeah I'll believe it when I see it... Well this morning I woke up to this! I though it was pretty but it will be gone by the time we get back from church. Well about 15 minutes before we leave for church the phone rang and we got word that they were cancelling church! I know all you who live in Idaho, Utah, Alaska, and Wyoming are laughing your heads off since there is less then an inch of snow! But my kids had a wonderful morning building a snowman and then in for hot chocolate! YUMMM! So now we will have a nice quiet Sunday at home. I think we will have a little primary here in our living room! Fun! Enjoy the pictures of our fun morning in the snow!
Brock rolled this snow ball all by himself! It was the base of our snowman and he rolled it till it was as big as him and it was just too heavy!
Ethan rolled the middle piece!
Daddy helping get them together! (This is all in the field at the end of our street! We didn't have enough snow in our own yard to build a snowman bigger then 3 feet!
Amelia building the "Hat with the bucket!


The Gatherums said...

great family picture with Frosty

So Many M's said...

That is pretty funny they cancelled church for that. Laurie got snow too and someone asked her if it was cancelled today (mind you they were in the church parking lot which was full of cars at the time. . . hmmm that's a hard one). Glad you were able to enjoy it. We got a couple inches but SLC got hammered with 5-6, I'm hoping for more soon. Good luck with the wieght loss, I'm hoping I can control myself to just not put the weight back on over the crazy holiday's.

Mo said...

You probably couldn't make a snowman from our snow. It's too crunchy and hard since it's a high of 8 degrees!

Alli said...

What a great picture! I love it :)