Tuesday, December 16, 2008

New Tricks!

We have been "working" on potty training for a few months. I say "working" loosely because I haven't been real consistent with it. I just do it when we are home and haven't been really pushy with it. Just kind of relaxed about it.... Anyway we have been kind of trapped in for the last few days and last week we spent quite a few days with Claire (Hayden's best friend who is already potty trained!) So Hayden is finally catching on! Asking to go, and typically only maybe one accident a day if that!!!! (usually the accidents are my fault because I am ignoring her while she is telling me she needs to go. (She tells me by saying Uhh OOO!) But it works! Anyway we are all teaching her other new fun things to say! Her vocabulary is growing by leaps and bounds! It is funny how fast they catch on! Sorry about the background noise on the video but with 4 kids there is ALWAYS background noise!

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