Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas at Grandma's

The day after Christmas we went to my mom's to finish celebrating Christmas. My entire family was there! It was so nice to have a few noisy days with everyone! We opened the gifts we were exchanging that evening! We didn't worry about the paper mess as we went and the kids had more fun with that then anything. They made really fancy clothes out of it all!
We exchange families so we just buy one family gifts. It was so cute because Sunny and Angela's family had us this year and we had them. They got us towels with all of our names sewn on them. My kids were soooo excited about it! They love personalized things! It was very sweet to see them get so excited over towels!

Lia all dressed up in her "Christmas best!"
Ethan working on his own outfit!

Brigham just stuffing his shirt!
This trip was a lot of fun to be together. The only down side was we went sledding Saturday afternoon. I have to say I am typically just a spectator at this (I am a little bit chicken since having kids) But decided I would go on one run with Amelia.... I am now sporting some nice crutches and a possible fractured foot. The Doctors aren't sure yet. I will try to post my x-ray. Since I did it in Prineville and went to the ER there AGAIN! They sent me home with the x-rays so that I could give them to my DR. for treatment.... Anyway It was nice to get lots of help from my family while we were there for one more day. Thank goodness for great friends that will help me through the rest!
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