Tuesday, December 9, 2008

It's begining to look a lot like Christmas!

Amelia putting the angel waaaay up on top!
Saturday after visiting Santa and the carousel we went and cut down our tree at a tree farm. It was a lot of fun! Thank goodness for 4 wheel dive though! Saturday night after the kids went to bed Larry put the light on and then Sunday evening for FHE we put the rest of our decor on the tree. This is always one of my "favorite" parts. I say that because I love the decorations, I love all the memories they bring back, but I don't love the hurry the kids are in to get the next one as quick as they can and can they have another one just as fast as possible. But it all works out! This tree is soooo beautiful! It is almost 12 feet and full and just as perfect as they come!
Amelia showing "her" ornament. It is the one we bought to remember the year she was born (it is a little kitten in a stroller).

Hayden trying to touch her sister's angel (probably to make her sister squeal! or to get me to take a picture! At least one of them worked!)
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Rory Baxter said...

I bet your house smells SOOO wonderful right now!
What wonderful traditions you are building in your family.
The picts of the kids are darling and your tree looks beautiful.
We are planning FHE this week to do the same thing - although we have our favorite fake tree instead of real. I will be sure to share and post soon too.
Thanx for always sharing such fun things about your cute family! It is tons of fun to stay caught up on how you guys are doing!

Alli said...

It's a gorgeous tree! You should've put Hayden on the top of the tree :)

Alli said...

Speaking of Hayden - she just walked straight into the wall over here!