Saturday, December 6, 2008

Visits with Santa!

This is our favorite place to go visit Santa is at the Carosel in Salem! It is "Cheap" and he does a wonderful job. Oh and it is the one time a year we take our kids to ride the carosel. It is always a lot of fun! This year was just as much fun. Especially with a 2 year old! She was in love with the whole thing! The magic of having small children at Christmas never ceases to amaze me and bring joy to my heart!
Amelia with Santa! She told him she wanted a Ponyville Amusement park!
Brock with Santa. He told Santa he wanted Dinosaurs! (Same thing he asked for last year!) Santa told him he loves dino's too and so does Prancer!

Ethan and Santa! Ethan asked for a skateboard! (I want the deductable paid for the insurance first!)

Hayden suprised me by not being shy at all! She had no problem going to him and sitting with him! She "asked" for a baby with a stroller. She doesn't say those words but we know that is what she would love!!!

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The Hawaiian Gards said...

Too cute- I love Christmas