Thursday, December 11, 2008

Wrestling match!

Last night the boys had their wrestling match. They each wrestled 3 times and did a great job! More importantly they had a lot of fun!!
Ethan won all 3 of his with a "technical fall" meaning he won by more than 10 points. One of them was an actual pin but the ref didn't call it. It was a lot of fun though!

Brock had a little harder time because the kids he was up against really out weighed him! But he did a really good job! I was so proud of how hard they worked and they both were really good sports!

I love that face!

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This is a little video of Hayden and Amelia doing the warm ups with the boys. It always cracks me up!


The Hawaiian Gards said...

Wow- that is cool that they do wrestling for kids their age!

Rachel said...

How cute!! Glad they both did so good!